Coming Soon! Our new study this year will be in the book of Philippians. Stay tuned for more information. Registration is available now on our registration page.

Revelation-Part 2

Even though the first half of our study in the book of Revelation (chapters 1-11) revealed fascinating things about the throne of God, the Lion/Lamb, the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, the rise of the Antichrist, the sealing of 144,000 Jewish witnesses, the breaking of the Seven Seals, and the sounding of the Seven Trumpet […]

Revelation-Part 1

This year, we will be studying the first half of the Book of Revelation (Chapters 1-11). Registration is happening now. Click on our registration tab to print a registration form. Please note: Due to the Covid-19 restrictions, we are meeting at a new location. Please join us at : Lake Havasu Baptist Church – Fellowship […]


We make choices every day. Some choices seem small like what to wear, what to eat, or what to do. Other choices seem large like who to marry, what job to take, or whether to move. Even though most choices that we make may seem insignificant, these small choices can set in motion a series […]